Monday, 26 March 2018

A poèmsía!!


Je parles les langues des colonisateurs
Inglesa, Francesa, Español—laisse-moi
Parler en cualquier manera que yo quisiera
Soit comme çi, soit comme ça
Içi et là, desde aqui hasta allà

Yo puedo viajar à n’importe quel lugar
En Afrique, Mozambique, les Seychelles, Miquelon
Guatemala, Guata-péor; Nicaragua, Ecuador
Islas et Islas…con ondas donde podìa
Nager, plonger, flotter sur le vent
En parlant.

Yo hablo en lenguas coloniales
Hablar. Charlar. Jaser. Bavarder.
Hablando con un amigo nuevo
Tal vez indigène…lui aussi, charlando
Avec des mots
Que no son suyos

Et entre nous, desde salut hasta bisou
Nos comprendemos. Peu à peu.
Todos au même tiempo.
En dessous de l’égo.
Corazon à Coeur.
Desarrollarse comme des fleurs
Qui ouvrent con la luz du soleil
La lumière qui brille de cada palabra
El rythmo nuevo de chaque rencontre
Montre moi: ta langue à tì.

Je parles un idioma solamente, y no es mîo.
Des fois, las palabras deviennent frîo
Comme la glaçe del norte
Est-ce qu’il y a cosas màs fort? Tes…
Jambes. Ton cou. Espaldas fuertas.
Somos fou. Loca y loco à pensar
Qu’il y a otro importante en la vida
Sauf que parler. Connecter. Toi. Et moi.
Peu importe cual idioma se habla.

Les langues des colonisateurs.
Fonctionnent bien avec nos cœurs
cœurs brizados; cœurs enojados.
Corazones brillent demasiado
Si la luz peut sortir de las grietas
Parler. Hablar.
Autre cosa. Pour manejar
Au vrai verdadera
razonqu’on sera…
Être. Estar. Ser. Devenir.
On se trouve: aquì
Hablando: ainsi
Enfin. Al final.
No hay nada sauf la realidad
De “You.” Et de “Me”

Thursday, 8 December 2016

On Grace

I’ve done it again! Decided to embark upon a 30 day meditation challenge. This one started on the new moon of November 29th, my birthday! I remember this blissful 30 days of feeling good during my pregnancy. The rest of the time was hell (lol) or not. Memory is such a fickle faculty. Point being, meditation is my medicine. My solace. My saviour, even. I know that and still, I sometimes fall back into patterns of resistance.

Natalie Rousseau has developed these 30 day Illumination Meditations. I love that she asks only for a 5 minute commitment each day. And I love that the facebook group provides excellent support, inspiration and daily reminders! Five minutes I can do! I have a 6-month old baby this time so I have meditated in the car while he sleeps, with him breastfeeding and even once while he played on the floor. So! You have no excuse. You too can find five minutes. But this blog is not about convincing you to meditate. It’s about: Grace.

Each 30 day begins with energizing on and choosing a sankalpa or an intention. What qualities do you want to manifest in your life? In your heart and mind and soul. For me: Love, Ease and Grace. As I sat in stillness gently repeating these words, filling my internal, eternal space with the echoes of what they symbolize, I had to recalibrate to what “grace” means. What does it mean to me? How do I embody the quality? Or, more bluntly: What the fuck is Grace anyways?

A long pause. As I write I try to recollect the understanding that came to me as I meditated. Almost intangible. How to express in words? Saying “grace” before eating, moving “gracefully,” the “grace” of God. Graçias. Graçias Madre. Graçias por la vida. Thank you Mother for supporting, nourishing and giving Life. All these “graces” evoke something but still…if I decided that I want to manifest more “grace” in my life, I had better consider what that means to me.

As I sat in meditation trying to integrate “grace” without really understanding what that would even be, the over-standing began to unravel. Grace is greeting all that comes into my life with acceptance and Faith. With a knowing that I can surrender my ideals of believing I know what is best and simply trust in what IS. Grace is non-resistance to what IS. And more than non-resistance, grace is the embrace of all that is. Graçias. Thank you. Grace is being genuinely thankful for the opportunity to grow and evolve. It joins hands with openness and awareness and skips gleefully along the treed avenues while the Sun begins to descend, creating that golden saturation that always jolts me into stillness as my mind cries out: “Look at this Light!” Non-judgemental and complete acceptance of that which is hurled your way by a sometimes seemingly vicious Universe. No. Not vicious. I know that the Universe does have my back. And, with grace, I give thanks for all that greets me. Meeting all that comes my way with a gentle edge, absorbing the lessons, the love, the heartache, the pain, the madness, the frailty, the joy. Thank you. Thank you for everything. I dance the dance of Grace when I embrace this journey with my whole heart. And soul. And mind. A deep inner mind that knows. All truly is exactly as it needs to be. Grace then, grace can set us Free.

Friday, 28 October 2016

"a Love letter" to the Self

"a Love letter"

She reads book titles like Tarot
Sucking every last ounce of marrow
From the shattered bones of meaning
Gleaning seeming but screaming symbols
From All that the perceiver perceives.

But see?
Does She?

If Perception is King
Where is the Queen?
Emotion? Intuition? Vibrations unseen?

Through books and breaths
Squandered looks and rests

Resting Here.
Running There.
Making circles out of squares

Squashing and carving and whittling pegs
Forcing control.
Holding on, being dragged.
Fearing surrender, denying release.
Fix it right! What is ease?
Let go this time. Unhand the banks.
The river runs free.
Give thanks.
Give thanks.

“The Universe has your back”
But the Fault in our Stars
Is what it is
But isn’t ours
Isn’t ours…
Hours and hours.
Measured and bought.
Recorded. Transported.
Afforded or not.
Some wasted. Some spent.
The mind is what lent
All the mechanized compartments
To the Heart, who doesn’t want them.

Before Time. Before Space.
There was Your face.
It’s still here now
I suppose it won’t go
Even though…
I fear losing You
More than I dare know.

And yet, this I wish:
Please be free!
Please laugh and please grow.

Your freedom is mine too
So let us dance in the snow
As it melts beneath bare feet
Right here. Where I’m at.
I truly am all that!
And a bag a chips and some chocolate and a cherry on top of it!

Faith. Trust the Love.
Certainty dwindles and fades.
I write in search
That I might find a way
Looking here. Looking there.
Realizing that until I dare:

Look within.
Long, and without chagrin
With Love and Curiosity
With Joy and Luminosity

The key? To be free
The answer? To me:

Not in book titles
Nor in Tarot
Not in the songs of the Sparrow…
Maybe that is not so
Nature does let me know

All that we seek is already
Rhythmic beating and so steady
Always was. Always will.

Self-acceptance. Surrender.
What is left can’t be killed.
Can not die.
Knows not Time.
Moves amidst space but does not wear a face.

Forget about remembering what was inevitably forgot!
Instead: simply dance. Don’t stop the music.
And laugh a whole lot.